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When was the last time you got your carpet professionally cleaned? If you haven’t had it done in the last 12 months, take a few moments out to read this through.

Often taken for granted and always trampled upon, the one area of your house or apartment that deserves care and respect has to be that good looking and comfortable pile that covers the very floor you walk on.

Consider this. Your carpet takes more beating and can be a lot more dirty and unhealthy than you think. The countless fibres that comprise your carpet are an ideal surface for foreign particles to accumulate. This is especially true of high pile carpets and rugs. Here’s a list of just some of the things your floors are subject to on a daily basis:

  • Dust in the air that comes in through windows and is trapped inside
  • Dirt from your feet and slippers used all over the house, including bathrooms
  • Food particles that carelessly fall off plates and from hands
  • Hair and skin flakes shed by people
  • Hair and matter from pets that can include ticks and mites
  • Pet urine, matter and vomit
  • Cigarette ash, if there are smokers in the house
  • Dust and smoke if you live in an area that is prone to this
  • If you reside by the seaside, you could have sand and salt coming in
  • For those living in humid climes, moisture can be an issue
  • For those who entertain often and have visitors coming in, the foot fall can be high

That’s a long list to worry about when you’re trying to keep your carpet clean! And it’s not just about maintaining it in a good condition. From a health standpoint, an unclean carpet can be a pressing domestic problem.

Sure, most of the dust and dirt a carpet acquires, in a visible sense, can be removed in a session of rigorous, careful vacuuming. Once a week, even twice, is what most disciplined households manage.

So how does not getting an annual, professional cleaning become a health risk for you and the family?

Trapped micro-organisms: Beyond the stains and the fading colour, your carpet can be a repository for germs, microbes, and bacteria that accumulate over a period of time. Constant movement and foot fall can serve to dislodge these trapped micro-organisms and populate the air around.

Respiratory problems and allergies: The toxic matter can cause respiratory problems and allergies leading to immunity breakdown as well. Those suffering from allergy and asthma can’t afford such health threats. Besides, elders and children can also be soft targets – imagine, the plight of toddlers who spend quite some time crawling and playing on the carpet.

The solution

Periodic natural carpet cleaning is the only solution, the one preventive measure that you must take to keep health issues at bay. And by cleaning, we didn’t mean just vacuuming!
To ensure that the unwanted residue that gathers among the fibres is extricated and deep cleaned, getting professional help to get your carpet clean at least once every 12 months is non-negotiable.

The process and technique used in professional carpet cleaning go beyond the scope of regular vacuum cleaners. Non-toxic carpet cleaning includes deep cleansing measures like hot water extraction and steam cleaning reach deep into the carpet’s fibres and remove hidden, unhealthy matter.

A clean carpet certainly is one step taken to safeguard your family’s health. It is, of course, also a smart way to ensure your carpet stays as good as new and lasts longer.

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