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With growing concerns about climate change and the impact of global warming, we should welcome every little effort towards making the planet greener. Being eco-friendly is something that everyone aspires to be these days. So, if you are among those who want to turn your home into an eco-friendly zone, organic carpet cleaning methods are something you should explore.

Why opt for natural carpet cleaning methods?

Eco-friendly methods mean you use natural solutions to clean. They are better than chemical-laden cleaning methods, which could be hazardous to you and nature alike. Another factor in their favour is you can do it on your own to maintain and back up with a professional carpet cleaner every so often.

Here are some tips to ensure eco-friendly and organic carpet cleaning.

Vacuuming – one of the basic steps in the green carpet cleaning method is to vacuum the carpet thoroughly. It is the first step towards an effective natural carpet cleaning process. In fact, it should be the first line of defence in any carpet cleaning process.

Spot treatment – some of the non-toxic carpet cleaning solutions are easily available for spot cleaning. For instance, you can use salt to get rid of stains from wine, mud, and dirt. Likewise, soda water can get rid of coffee stains and corn starch can get rid of grease. All these solutions are great for non-toxic carpet cleaning.

Steam cleaning – this is yet another effective eco-friendly method of carpet cleaning. In this process, the machine sprays the carpet with cleaning solutions – eco-friendly, of course, which is then followed up with hot water to activate it. A wet vac is then used to clean the dirt. It is always better to get expert help with this because they are better equipped to handle this procedure.

Plant-based carpet and rug shampoo – many natural – plant-based enzymes – carpet cleaning solutions are available in the form of carpet and rug shampoo. While these are strong enough to act on the dirt, they are gentle on the carpet or rug themselves.

Listed above are some of the tried and tested ways to keep your home eco-friendly even while cleaning your carpet. While most of them sound simple and easy to do, it is highly recommended that you take expert help every once in a while for that deep clean your carpet needs.

Of course, these days, professional carpet cleaning services also offer eco-friendly solutions and so you can rest assured. The ideal solution would be to carry on regular cleaning using green cleaning solutions and then go for a deep cleaning twice or every four months or so a year. That way you can be assured of a clean, green home always.

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