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Carpets are a big investment for any home. Depending on how you care for your carpet, it can either detract from the appearance of your living space or enhance it. Many carpet cleaning myths may have led to people being confused and misled about how to care for their carpets.

While carpet cleaning myths may appear harmless, failing to grasp the importance of professional carpet cleaning can put you and your family at risk. This article will tackle common myths and highlight the benefits of hiring a natural carpet cleaning company for your carpets, mattresses and upholstery.

Carpet Cleaning Myths Debunked

Carpets are one of the most often used parts in a home, and they are subjected to everyday wear and tear from foot traffic. If you do not remove dirt, dust, and other debris, they will become embedded in the carpet fibres over time, causing the carpet to deteriorate.

Professional carpet cleaning services are the most efficient approach to removing this embedded material. However there are misconceptions about the effectiveness of professional carpet cleaning or what these services include.

In this article, we will debunk the most common carpet cleaning myths.

Myth 1: Do not clean a new carpet for the first time since the cleaning process may ruin its appearance.
It’s important to clean new carpets as they are often made with multiple repellants, toxins and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
These VOC toxic chemicals will continue to emit for years unless they are deep cleaned by a trustworthy, non-toxic carpet cleaner and removed.

Myth 2: Professional carpet cleaning is only required if the carpet is stained
Since much of the dust, dirt and debris that carpets collect is undetectable, if you wait for visible stains to occur, your carpets will be well overdue for a professional clean.

Even if there are no noticeable stains, professional carpet cleaning services, like Organic Carpet Cleaning, deep clean dust, pet hair, dead skin cells, bacteria, mould and more. The things you can’t suck up with a regular vacuum. This is why professional carpet cleaning is important.

Myth 3: Carpet cleaning is detrimental to the carpet
Keeping your carpets free from dirt and debris actually allows your carpets to last longer.

Cleaning procedures such as steam cleaning and hot water extraction are effective and safe on all types of carpets. Vacuuming on a regular basis will also help pick up big particles in between professional cleans.

Myth 4: The best time to clean a carpet is when it starts to look dirty
If you do not regularly vacuum and deep clean your carpet, the particles in the carpet become ground in and ruin the fibres that keep the carpet together. Only cleaning your carpet when they ‘look dirty’ is often too late, as the build up is actually beneath the surface.

Myth 5: Because of the built-in stain protection, I can clean my carpets less frequently
Although stain resistance is a good feature for protecting your carpet from spillage, it does wear out over time and does not prevent dirt and debris from becoming embedded in the fibres.

To eliminate embedded dirt, you will need a professional carpet cleaner who can also reapply stain resistance to the carpet. Organic Carpet Cleaning is a professional carpet cleaning service that offers carpet cleaning in Sydney with an all organic, natural, non-irritating solution.

Myth 6: Most carpet cleaning companies are the same, so the lowest price is the best option
The lowest price does not always imply the best value, and the highest price does not always mean better service. The optimal price is when you get the services you require at the lowest possible cost; this is value.

Here at Organic Carpet Cleaning, we are the only carpet cleaning company in Sydney that uses an all natural, all organic solution that doesn’t irritate kids, pets, or allergy sufferers. It is also great for the environment. We use high-quality equipment and this husband and wife team come to your place at a time that suits you, including the option of when you’re at work, so you can come home to a wonderfully smelling, fresh set of carpets.

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