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As we welcome the hotter months, it becomes more important to have an air conditioner that can keep up with the rising temperatures. However, a dirty air conditioner is at risk of all kinds of efficiency and operational problems. Long-term neglect can often lead to regular breakdowns and costly repairs. Scheduling an annual air conditioner filter check-up and clean not only improves its energy efficiency level but also helps you avoid spending money on repeated air conditioning repairs.

So, why is it important for homeowners to keep their air conditioner units clean? Let’s take a look at a few of the advantages of keeping your air conditioner in good shape.

Better Cooling

A dirty air filter restricts air to flow freely in and out of the unit causing it to remain inside the unit itself. This may lead to frosting where ice starts building up on the coils. With a clean air filter, you can expect higher cooling output and improved comfort levels throughout the hot season.

Extended Lifespan

A clean air filter helps to stop dust from building up on the internal components preventing wear and tear. Cleaning your air conditioner regularly helps to increase its lifespan and delays the expense of having to replace your unit sooner than necessary.

Improved Working Efficiency

As dust and dirt gets deposited into the air filters and cooling coils, it becomes more difficult for the unit to produce the desired cooling effect. If you regularly clean your device’s air filter, your system will not have to work as hard to circulate cool air. Less energy used means spending less on your utility bills.

Better Health

Apart from providing the comfort you need, a clean air conditioner has the added advantage of preventing dust and dirt from entering your house. If not cleaned regularly, the dust particles can build up on your ducts and filters that can lead to low indoor air quality causing headaches, fatigue, and other respiratory infections, which can prove to be especially uncomfortable for allergy and asthma sufferers.

Lower Energy Bills

A dirty air conditioner needs more power to fuel it. The unit may have to work much harder in order to cool your house. Well-maintained systems do not have to work as hard to reach the desired cooling temperature, therefore a lower energy bill.

Improved Reliability

Regular maintenance will keep your system working optimally and chances of a costly breakdown will be reduced. When the system has been cleaned regularly there is very little chance an emergency repair will be needed.

Maintaining your air conditioner regularly will help it last longer and prevent you from having to deal with costly repairs. To make sure your air conditioning unit is in top working order, you should consider keeping it clean by hiring a professional. Schedule a filter clean from us and we can provide you with an instant quote.

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