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Organic Upholstery Cleaning

Spills, stains and regular wear and tear can leave upholstery looking dull and dated.

Harsh chemical-based products can cause more damage to the fabric of your upholstery, decreasing the longevity of fabrics. Our team of cleaners uses organic products to remove stains and spills from fabric, leather and vinyl.

We offer upholstery shampooing, deodorising, sanitising, revitalising, moisturising and conditioning. With organic products, a subtle yet pleasant smell is left on your upholstery, so you can continue to enjoy it.

Comfortable seating is an important part of your lifestyle, with the sofa and easy chairs often used for many leisure time activities as well as for eating snacks and sometimes meals.

If you have children or pets you will know how easy it is for the upholstery to become grubby or stained.

It is essential to take care in cleaning upholstery so that it is restored to its natural beauty and shine and does not contain any chemical residue that will come off your children’s hands and perhaps into their mouths.

If you use organic upholstery cleaning your furniture will both look good and be safe for everyone to use. Organic products are harmless to humans and pets, while still being strong enough to remove stains and overall grime. Your furniture will soon look like new again when you have in organically cleaned by our professionals. Call us today to discuss your needs.

Organic Upholstery Cleaning

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