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Frequently Asked Questions About Organic Cleaning

Organic cleaning services are more in-demand than ever, with health and environmental benefits being realised. Our Sydney team is happy to answer any questions you may have about our organic cleaning services. Below is a compilation of the frequently-asked questions our team receives.

Why choose Organic Carpet Cleaners?

We are strong believers in looking after the health of our families and local communities, so we only use products that are gentle and natural. Our products are chemical-free and are sensitive to the health of the entire family, including young children and pets. We’re proud of our exceptional reputation for quality service and immaculate eco-friendly cleans.

Why are organic products better for you?

Traditional cleaning products tend to be full of chemicals and toxic fumes. These products are harsh on your health and can cause a range of allergic reactions and irritations. Organic products are chemical free and sensitive to your health, meaning that your entire family can enjoy the benefits of an organic clean. Organic products are favoured by families, schools, in busy areas and by those who prefer a strong yet eco-friendly clean.

What are the dangers of non-organic carpet cleaners?

Non-organic cleaners can contain a range of harmful chemicals that remain in carpet fabric after cleaning. These chemicals and their residue can emit toxic fumes that linger in the fabric and in the air. These fumes can cause irritations and respiratory problems.

How long will it take for my carpet to dry?

Carpets cleaned with chemical-free products usually dry within 1-2 hours, as our professional carpet cleaning machines extract 90% of the water after the clean.

Will you move furniture?

Our team will move any mobile furniture and clean behind and underneath then return it to its home. We will also dust your skirting boards to finish our service of a completely clean, chemical-free space.

Where do you service?

Our team is located in Sydney NSW and services suburbs in and around the area. To enquire about your location, contact our friendly team.

Dan and Lu

We had originally called another well known ‘green’ carpet cleaning service with heavy advertising on the internet and booked to have our apartment cleaned. When they called an hour before the booking to say that their van had broken down and was under repair we were seriously let down and disappointed.

We had already moved heaven and earth to clear all our furniture of the carpet and stood looking despondently at the mess. We called Organic carpet cleaning and hoped for the best. I spoke to Maryanne and told her of our situation and she was super friendly and incredibly was able to come later that same day even though it was a long way away from where she currently was. We thanked our lucky stars.

Maryanne and her husband Mario came that very afternoon and proceeded to clean every square centimetre like their life depended on it. They seriously did more than was necessary and spent considerable time getting every spot and mark every chance of being cleaned properly.

We wanted to have our apartment cleaned properly as we are expecting a child and we didn’t want any nasty chemicals lingering and causing us health complaints either so opted to go “organic”. Even so, its strong stuff and cleans really well. On the whole they are very friendly, professional and conscientious about their work and are willing to go the extra mile to please their customers (they even have a spare machine in the van in case any problems arise). They work well as a team and we can highly recommend them.

Dan and Lu

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