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Organic Carpet Cleaning - Dee Why

When it comes to things like carpet cleaning, Dee Why residents realise that they need to get a professional carpet cleaner if the job is to be done properly. We have all the right equipment to give your carpets a thorough clean and they will not be left soggy afterwards. Our machines extract 90% of the water used, leaving your carpets almost dry. It only takes two to three hours for the rest to evaporate.

In addition, our cleaning products are organic, meaning that your family and the environment are both a lot safer. No harsh chemical residue or toxic fumes to cause a rash or other irritation or allergic reaction – and no poisons going into the waterways. You win both ways. It is easy to care for the environment when you use organic products like we do. We can come and clean your carpet while you go shopping or read a book. Call us now.

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