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Breathe Easy with Natural, Chemical Free Organic Carpet Cleaning Services – Tel: 1300 733 169

Carpet Cleaning, Balmain

The motto of our company, Organic Carpet Cleaning, is to promote a healthy home, which focuses on environmental factors as well. A clean home is a mandatory requirement for every house as it keeps bacteria and viruses away from the family members.

All we wish for is a safer, healthier and cleaner living space for families in Balmain, Australia. We take up different kinds of carpet cleaning services across Balmain that include upholstery, mattresses air con cleaning and also rug cleaning.

It has been around 6 years that we have been taking services of dust mite treatment for mattress and upholstery and natural carpet cleaning in and around Balmain. We make sure to use nontoxic and safe cleaning solutions for every service we offer.

Our expert staff knows the importance of nature in our lives, hence we use natural deep cleans which can refresh your carpets, instead of polluted and harsh chemicals. Our company is committed to being green always!

Services offered by Organic Carpet Cleaning Balmain

Our company believes that your house deserves chemical free cleaning experience which doesn’t expose your family members to harmful substances. Following are some of the reasons why people in Balmain choose us for organic rug cleaning and other services.

  • We offer chemical free solutions which keep fleas and lice away and make the ideal place for your kids to play.
  • The carpet cleaning services are available for homes, schools, nursing homes, offices, day care centres around Balmain and anywhere you need a clean environment.
  • The carpet cleaning services are available for homes, schools, nursing homes, offices, day care centres around Balmain and anywhere you need a clean environment.
  • The products we make use of include natural oils as well as anti-bacterial properties.
  • We have effective products for eliminating dust mites from lounges and mattresses.
  • Our staff makes sure that you are satisfied with our chemical free cleaning service, and shall leave only after you have a smile on your face.

Why call us?

We offer a broad range of natural carpet cleaning services; some of them include dust mite treatment for mattress and upholstery, natural leather upholstery cleaning as well as natural rug cleaning in Balmain.

If you are looking for such services along with professional guidance, then do not hesitate and give us a call.

Our staff will discuss with you about your needs and concerns related to cleaning and also explain what is needed exactly. We do not use steam and other pollution procedures as we are concerned about the environment. You can expect green and eco-friendly services from our company.

No matter whenever you need us, give us a ring at 1300 733 169 or e-mail us at info@organiccarpetcleaning.com.au and we will be at your services shortly!

Danielle Dunsford

I am absolutely amazed at the results. I was honestly about to have our 10 year old lounge recovered and now you have brought it back to life! It looks brand new once again.

I am so passionate about keeping chemicals out of my home, so when I discovered Organic Carpet Cleaning, I was very excited. Everything looks amazing and feels so much cleaner. I will recommend you both to everyone I possibly can.

AND thank you both so very much for coming back a second time after my artistic son coloured in our lounge in texta! It’s totally been removed. THANK YOU!

Danielle Dunsford

Thank you so much for your amazing service. I really appreciate how responsive and prompt you were and how everything was done so professionally and in a very friendly and reliable manner.

Thank you for cleaning all my carpets and my airconditioning units so well and with minimal fuss! I really love that you use organic products – great for us and for the environment!

Thanks again, you are a great duo!






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