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Five Enemies of Your Carpet

Carpets add to the aesthetic feel of the home. However, if not cared for, they can also lead to dust accumulation and an unhealthy home. Most people don’t know the common enemies of the carpet and how to keep them at bay. Here is a quick look at them.


Well, most people never considered shoes as an enemy of carpet. But, think about all the places you go in your shoes and all your shoes step on – dirt, mud, oil, trash, and sometimes biological waste too. It means your shoes carry not only soil but also bacteria. No wonder your carpet is looking dirty and unhealthy. The best way to avoid the carpet being ruined by dirt and contamination is to ban shoes and outdoor footwear on carpeted floors. At home, make it a policy not to wear outdoor footwear inside and have a pair of footwear only for home use. In addition, place rugs and walk-off mats in high-traffic areas so that the dirt isn’t carried onto the carpet.


This is one of the most obvious enemies of the carpet. But, you may not be able to prevent it altogether. So, the key is to make sure you take care of the spills as soon as they happen. It is important to use an effective stain-fighting agent. Coffee, shoe polish, lipsticks and wine are just a few types of stains that are can be very hard to remove. Clean the area as soon as possible and make sure you do a thorough job. If the spill is too much for you to handle, it is a good idea to bring in a professional cleaner as soon as possible to get rid of the stain for good. Remember, the longer the stain stays, the tougher it is to remove.


The bright sun can cause your carpet to fade and the fibers to fray. While sun can keep the moisture away, too much exposure is a no-no. As it is impossible for us to stop the sunshine, the best way to take care of carpet in a sunny climate is to use blinds and curtains. This minimises the effect of sunlight.

The UV rays can do a lot of damage to your carpet. Use a UV reduction film or replace the glass on doors and windows with UV protective panels for better protection. Rearranging furniture can also help to lessen the effects of sunshine.


While pets can bring joy and comfort to your household, the fact is, they are not friends of carpet. The paws of your pet bring in dirt and biologic contaminants into the house. Even clean and well-groomed pets may carry traces of urine, feces, and other secretions on their body. Pet hairs are also a huge menace.
Again, regular cleaning (of both the pet and the carpet) along with setting ground rules – staying off the carpet, sofa etc. can be helpful to keep the carpet clean.

Sloppy Cleaning

One of the most common enemies of the carpet is sloppy cleaning. Most people don’t clean carpets thoroughly every time. This turns it into a breeding ground for insects, moths, and bacteria. Even if you use insect repellent and mothballs, they will not kill the larvae/eggs.
Also, improper cleaning can cause further deterioration of carpets. Hence it is important to do a thorough clean every week and book in professional carpet cleaning every now and then for clean, healthy and long-lasting carpets.