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Professional Mattress Cleaning – a way towards better health

You might be committed to keeping your home spotless and odour-free, taking pride in the fact your home looks clean, smells fresh and feels welcoming. However, it could be possible you might have overlooked an important part in your house – your mattress.

It is true that no matter how clean your home appears to be, if your mattresses aren’t cleaned properly, it will affect the indoor air quality. People tend to overlook cleaning their mattresses regularly because they don’t really know how important it is for maintaining air quality in your home.

It might come as a surprise to many that each night our bodies make nearly half a litre of sweat. We also shed almost a gram of our skin. This means our mattresses are breeding grounds for fungi, bacteria and dust mites that feed on the shed skin and moist environment.

An average mattress is home to close to 2 million dust mites. So, it shouldn’t be surprising to know that without regular mattress cleaning, it could be the dirtiest area in your house. What’s more – it could be the reason you are falling sick more often despite keeping your house in spic and span condition.

So, the big question is – how can you clean your mattress?

It is now clear that mattresses are a major source of contamination of indoor air. So, it is important to keep it clean and free of contamination.

The traditional ways to clean mattresses are:

Vacuuming – thoroughly vacuum the mattress. Use a clean upholstery attachment to avoid depositing new contaminants.

Deodorising – it is a good way to neutralise any odours developed by the mattress.

Cleaning and stain removal – stains from bodily fluids such as sweat, vomit, saliva and blood among others can cause stains on your mattress. Stain removal is important to keep the mattress fresh and deprive the bacteria and mites food to survive.

The above cleaning methods should be done regularly and backed by professional steam cleaning every once a while.

Steam cleaning is a sure shot way to get rid of contaminants from your mattress. It is an extra step to ensure the quality of your health. However, it is important to take the help of professional services when steam cleaning as mattresses and moisture doesn’t mix well. Doing this on your own with the wrong technique would allow mould and mildew to grow, which would defeat the whole purpose of steam cleaning.

How often should you clean the mattress?

A basic mattress cleaning once a month or so by thoroughly vacuuming both sides is recommended. Airing the mattresses every few months in the sun is also suggested.

Ideally, your bedding should be washed at least once a week to get rid of oil, sweat, skin, and fluids that get into your mattress. The pillows should be cleaned at least twice a year and replaced by their use by date.

When it comes to professional cleaning of your mattress, you should aim for a minimum of twice a year or once every season to keep it clean and healthy for your family.

Organic carpet cleaning use chemical free steam cleaning which gets rid of mould, dust, debris and other contaminants out of the mattress, making it cleaner and odour-free. We can also use a dry cleaning method which can cleanse and sanitise your mattress with an ultra violet light and vacuum extraction system that goes over your mattress and eliminates and removes allergens.